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Vind I Øresund

Vind I Øresund

A collaboration project with DTU and LTH about wind power 2008-2011 - Project No. 15674 - IMM
The potentials of wind power is disclosed

With slightly more than 3, 5 million inhabitants and the presence of major companies such as Vestas, Siemens, Dong energy and Vattenfall, the Oresund region is a leading centre for efficient production and use of wind based energy. The universities in the Oresund region holds a unique research position in this field and two large offshore wind farms located in the area provides a perfect test ground for a number of scientific findings. The region possess all the elements needed to design a future independent of fossil fuel supplies, which is the exact target for both the regional governments and for EU.

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By joining the research capacity of the departments of Informatics and Mathematical Modelling (IMM), Electrical Engineering (CET), Riso wind research centre (RISO) at DTU, the Department of Mathematical Statistics at LTH and the Division of Industrial Electrical Engineering and Automation (IEA) at Lund University - and aided by the EUR 940 451 grant from EU - The EU INTEREG IV project 'Vind i Öresund' has demonstrated new methods to forecast the energy production of renewable energy and invented techniques for a better integration of large quantities of wind power generated energy in a modern distribution grid. The result has strengthened the Öresund regions position as the internationally leading region for wind based energy and shown how a stable, sustainable and economical competitive energy supply should be achieved.

Henrik Madsen - Forecasting of wind and solar power production Slides
Olof Samuelsson - Electricity market impact on Nordic system frequency