Tools for decision making under uncertainty in electricity markets

New course at DTU Informatics
In collaboration with Center of Electric Technology

Special course
"Tools for decision making under uncertainty in electricity markets"
Spring semester 2012

Possible applications:

energy trading, demand-side management, smart EV charging, reliability analysis, integration of renewables, risk management, etc.

5 ECTS Master/PhD level course


knowledge of optimization theory

The course will primarily rely on self study and presentations by the students. There will be lectures on basic concepts and applications of stochastic programming.

  • Juan Miguel Morales (
  • Salvador Pineda (
  • Henrik Madsen (
  • "Introduction to stochastic programmming" J. Birge and F. Louveaux, Springer 1997.
  • "Decision Making Under Uncertainty in Electricity Markets" A. J. Conejo, M. Carri├│n and J. M. Morales, Springer 2010.

To sign up for the course, please, contact either Juan Miguel Morales ( or Salvador Pineda (

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