Energy systems modelling, research and analysis

ENSYMORA ph.d. course
'Energy systems modelling, research and analysis'

Special ph.d. course:

The course shall be defined as a "special ph.d. course" and enter all participants' study plans. 1

Structure of the course:

Five two-hour session. In each of the sessions, one participant presents a scientific paper or book chapter that is relevant for the ph.d. research in the ENSYMORA project. All participants have prepared themselves for the subsequent substantial discussion of the subject and its applicability in the undertaken research within the project.

The evaluator and the internal censor, who are present during the presentation and discussion, get the chance to ask questions to ensure the adequate understanding of the subject. - On that basis, they will evaluate if the learning objectives have been achieved.

Content of the course:

Each of the ph.d. students gets assigned one session, in which they can freely choose the subject. The subject has to be related to the research of the group of ph.d. students within the ENSYMORA project. Each ph.d. student shall seek to choose a subject relevant for most of the other ph.d. students. Some preliminary identifies common subject areas are stochastic modelling incl. time series analysis, stochastic differential equations, wind forecasting methods, real options analysis, scenario construction.

Course responsible:

e.g. Henrik Madsen or Poul Erik Morthorst


e.g. Henrik Madsen, Poul Erik Morthorst, Poul Østergaard
(only one at each session - several persons to increase availability?)

Internal Censor:

e.g. Frits Møller Andersen


70 hours
5 x 2 hours = 10 hours in session plus 60 hours preparation


2,5 ECTS
(1 ECTS point corresponds to ca. 28 hours workload)

Learning objectives:
  • Select, prepare, present and adequately explain a scientific subject relevant for the research done in energy systems modelling, research and analysis
  • Analyse and explain how to transfer the insight and knowledge gained from the subject to own research
  • Lead the substantial discussion of the chosen subject during the assigned 2-hour session
  • Jan Emil Banning Iversen, DTU Institut for Informatik og Matematisk Modellering
  • Piseok kwon, AAU Department of Development and Planning
  • Michael Stolbjerg Leni Drud, DTU Management Engineering
  • Lena Heike Kitzing, DTU Management Engineering
  • Ditte Mølgård Heide-Jørgensen, KU Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • Open for more participants

1 DTU Studiehåndbog: "Special ph.d.-kurser op til 10 point. Der foretages evaluering i form af rapport eller prøve. Ph.d.-kurset godkendes af ph.d.-udvalget i forbindelse med godkendelse af studieplanen. Der foretages som minimum intern censur. Hvis der foretages ekstern censur, aflønnes censor via institutternes taxameterbidrag."

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